2018-02-07 Carbon

url: desc: empbed code into slides

2018-02-07 xdtool

url: desc: interact with X components (like mouse and windows etc.)

2018-04-26 s3 sleep state

deep sleep with the X1g6 * * *

2018-05-26: timestamp input

dnf install -y moreutils

2018-03-07 The Many Ways to Build an OCI Image without Docker


2018-02-21 Kr/pretty

url: desc: Pretty printing for Go values

2018-02-17 goreleaser

url: desc: Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible

2018-01-31 desertbit/grumble

url: desc: A powerful modern CLI and SHELL

2018-01-25 multi master kops

url: desc: How to move from single master to multi-master in an AWS kops kubernetes cluster

2018-01-18 jq primer


2018-01-14 uswitch/kiam

url: desc: Integrate AWS IAM with Kubernetes

2018-01-13 rivo/tview

url: desc: Rich interactive widgets for terminal-based UIs written in Go

2018-01-07 systemd-journal-upload


2017-12-22 Vim: My Shiniest Gems


2018-02-16 Elasticsearch query examples with Golang