escape string for json

echo '"hello world"' | jq '@json'

tutorial at:

cat issues.json | jq '.[].title' -cr

-r: raw output
-c: compact output

Iterate and return json

jq '.DBInstances[] | {id: .DBInstanceIdentifier, status: .DBInstanceStatus}'

List AWS instances

aws ec2 describe-instances | jq -c -r '.Reservations[] | .Instances[] | { name: .Tags[] | select(.Key == "Name").Value, id: .InstanceId, launched: .LaunchTime,  }' | sort

TSV Output

kubectl get events -o json | jq '.items[] | "\(.lastTimestamp)\t\(.reason)\t\(.message)"' -c -r

Keys of a hash

echo '{"a":1,"b":2}' | jq 'keys[] | .' -c -r

jq for html

go get -v

env file of a kubernetes pod

kubectl -n perf-test get pods/perf-test-d44f7d686-q5c6p -o json | jq '.spec.containers[0] | .env[] | "\(.name)=\(.value)"' -c -r

text to json

echo 'foo bar "baz"' | jq -R -s -c '.' (see